Charles-Edouard Ruault
328 East Eaglewood avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94085 USA
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Design and develop state of the art software in a company with a clear strategic focus.
- 8 years of software design and development, including 6 years in Java.
- 4 Years of team and project management.
- Very strong in server side development, networking, security and Unix administration.
- Fast learner, team player and very motivated.
Languages : Java ( JDBC, JFC, Servlets, JSP ), JavaScript, C, C++, C-Shell, Bourne-Shell, x86 Assembly.
Operating Systems : UNIX ( Solaris, Linux ) - System programming, Network and System administration, Security -, Windows 2000/NT/98, MS-DOS, OS/2.
GUIs : X11 ( Xlib, Motif, XView ), QT, Java ( AWT & JFC ), Windows , OS/2 PM.
Internet : TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, NNTP, HTML, CGI, Servlets.
Design setup and administration of complex server farms.
F5 Big IP Load balancer setup and admininstration.
Linux firewalls and Security.
1990-1993 : MS Computer Science, Institut Superieur d'Electronique de Paris (ISEP) - Paris, France.
1988-1990 : BS Mathematics, lycee Janson de Sailly, Paris ,France.
Jun 00-Pres: 724 solutions : Company developing financial applications for mobile devices.
Vice President Development
- Participated in the elaboration of the new Security infrastructure for the aggregation product, to meet the tighter security level requested by Financial Institutions.
- Worked together with Bank of America's technical team to produce a custom version our aggregation product for Bank of America.
- Managed, on the technical side, the re-launch of the's aggregation product under its new name LiveClips
- Moved away from the current version of LiveClips to head the design and specification of a new version of 724's aggregation product : LiveClips version 2.
- Headed the "Technology Committee" which was in charge of evaluating and reviewing technologies to be used in new versions of the product.
- Participated in the design sessions and the design reviews of new products.
- In April 2001, 724 Solutions decided to move away from the aggregation business. New product development was stopped, most the the team was dismissed and I was chosen to head a "customization and maintenance team" of LiveClips version 1, composed of 5 Engineers.
- The team successfully delivered and helped launching two customized versions of the LiveClips products to two Asian customers : Nomura Research Institute in Japan and Hanvit Bank in Korea.
- Leaded the technical discussions and headed the customization and release cycles to the customer, as well as support of the production sites.

Feb 99-Jun 00: : Startup developing web aggregation products.
Director of Engineering/Chief Technology Officer
- Started together with the 2 founders and 2 other Engineers.
- Hired and managed the engineering and QA teams.
- As Director of Engineering and later CTO, helped the company grow from 3 to 30 people, including a subsidiary in Paris, France.
- Went through the process of talking to VCs and securing funding. raised $600k as seed money from private investors and later over $5M from both corporate investors ( Intuit ) and VCs.
- Managed the development and release of new versions of's aggregation product, over a period of one year.
- After 18 months of existence, the company was acquired by 724 Solutions : see press release.

- Headed and participated in the design and development of the following applications : server based password management and intelligent bookmarks, group surfing and account aggregation.
- The first public version of the product was successfully launched in July 1999. The product was first rolled out on Linux and later on Solaris 7.
- Designed and maintained the Network infrastructure of the production site.
- Managed the day to day operations of the production site, including security.
- Designed and Implemented both the client side ( Java applet and JavaScript ) and the server side ( Java ) of the "Group Surfing" component of the ezlogin product : A web based tool that allowed creation of virtual "Navigation rooms" where participants could browse together on the same web pages, under the direction of a "master" user.
- Designed and developed a windows based form filling helper for Netscape. Written in C++ using the Win32 API and Netscape's OLE components. This application monitors pages viewed under Netscape, detects login forms, query the server to fetch user's credentials for the viewed site and automatically fill in and submit the form.
- Participated in the design and development of other components of the application.

Oct 98-Jan 99: PlanetWeb : Startup developing embedded web browsers.
Senior Software Engineer
  -Participation in studies and development to add Java support into PlanetWeb's embedded web browser.
Mar 97-Sep 98: Novita Communications : Java Startup developing multimedia communication products.
Director of Engineering France, Senior Software Engineer
  - Contributed to the release of 4 major products.
- Hired and Headed the Paris based engineering team.
- Designed and implemented a web based email system ( using servlets and RDBMS through JDBC).
- Designed and implemented a web based multimedia greeting cards server ( using servlets ).
- Developed a Digital Photo Gallery and implemented internationalization support in Novita Liveletter 1.0, a Java multimedia email client & web browser
- Developed an appliance version of Liveletter to run on Java embedded systems.
Nov 94 - Feb 97 : Alcatel Telecom, Broadband division
Software Engineer.
  Within the "Alcatel 1000AX ATM switch" software development team, co-designed and implemented the networking layers ( TCP/IP & X25 ) and the graphical interface ( Xview & Motif ) of the ATM switch's exploitation terminal. The coding was done in C in a Solaris environement.
Nov 93-Nov 94 : SAGEM
1 year military period
  Development of features on an ISDN based encrypted telephony network. ( C & 68040 assembly cross-platform)
Feb-Jul 1993 : Matra Communication, digital TV division
pre-graduation internship
  Design and coding of an MPEG1 video encoder. C in a Windows environment.
- French citizen.
- US Permanent Resident ( Green Card holder ).
- Fluent in English.
- Co-created FranceWay to promote France's culture, tourism and traditions.
- Wrote JavaNews a Usenet News reader written in Java.
- Wrote a KDE applet to display stock quotes, using C++ and QT.
- Developed a patch to CVS to allow a per user access control to different branches of the same module.
- Wrote a Linux kernel patch to allow the Sharp Zaurus SL5000D to communicate to a Linux based PC over USB.
- Wrote a low level C program as a proof of concept of TCP session Hijacking.
- Developed a prototype of a Linux kernel module to enhance system security.
- Found and fixed a security flaw in the linux TCP/IP stack.
- I enjoy jogging, mountain climbing, ski and swimming.
- Excellent references upon request.